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Virus April Fool’s Day Conficker Worm Attack

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New computer worm could hit on April Fools’ Day. Are you ready?Internet and Computer security professionals are predicting that there is another computer worm that will be pushed into public on April Fools Day.

The new virus is called “Conficker C”, and it’s similar to another worm that threatened computers back in January.

It may have been built with the same characteristics as a Trojan. Meaning, it will infect a computer and it will hide itself inside the O/S. The worm is programmed to take over these computers on April first.

It’s anybody’s guess what happens then. Experts think it may delete all the files on a person’s computer, or turn the computer into a zombie, to send spam or attack other websites in an effort to shut those sites down.

There’s also a theory the worm may be a spam program to get people to buy phony products.

The worm keeps computers from downloading automatic updates from Windows, so one quick way to see if your computer is infected is to see if you have gotten automatic updates from Windows in March.

If you have the updates, your computer is probably fine. If you’re not infected, you can take action to make sure you stay safe.

If you have an Apple computer that runs Windows software, check for updates as well to make sure you’re protected.

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